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1416893669 Watch the first 54 seconds and you will be hooked and inspired ;)
1416863619 Looking for education programs to maybe cover at Jamaica Bay/Gateway National Recreation Area, I saw they collaborated with Sesame Street, and remembered Grand Canyon was planning one, too, right before I left. This was my old coworker ...
1416925153 Jihii tried to embed this link, but for some reason it didn't work. she thinks it's cute-- i think its scary.... good job, penn state.
cool video technique i've been reading about that uses special compression to delete all the i frames in a video, leaving only p frames, which makes this really crazy beautiful glitchy destruction:
1416870354 Not bad for $700
This week, the Smithsonian announced the winners of it's 2013 Video contest. Below is the link to the finalists and winners, leave a comment about what you thought or liked.
1416925160 Another great one.
{{unknown}} {{unknown}} dslr takes on go pro
Hey guys, thought I'd pass along this link to funding opportunities that are currently available for personal projects.
Not that we were trying to capture the Cute Animals on YouTube crowd (everybody?) with Kitty City, but I thought I'd share how I spent an...