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I just think this is great and wanted to share. It doesn't embed so I have to link
{{unknown}} This was quicker work than I wanted it to edit it but I think it worked out okay.  Considering the quick turnaround, are there any other fast techniques that you would have done?  This certainly won't be the last time we have to quickly edit 3 hours of footage. Big thanks to Melanie and Ariel for this nice camerwork!
"The cosmos is all there is, or ever was, or ever will be."  This has really been influencing me lately.  I know, it's super cheesy.  But it's also educational.
Here's a short stop motion animation with Patti Smith I made a while back!
This is an excerpt from my latest short film, "Terry Kendall and Orange Green".  Let me know what you think!  If you want to see the full film, you can download the iphone/ipad app, "Play Festival Films" which comes out in August 2011.
{{unknown}} Green screening featuring my sister Jenny, a meteorologist/climatologist. Tips from the video producer at her company, David Reynolds: Daily we use an ultimate dv box, or the tricaster studio, both do live keys. For recorded stuff that we key later like the ads, we use after effects or final cut with key light or ultimatte... Here's a rough cut.  I'd like to hear about ideas for the text.  I could put a lot more, a lot less, different structure...whatever. I plan on tweaking some audio, color, lots of text work and cutting it down a little bit more this week.