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Hi all, Several members at EdLab's Development & Research team have worked on a new design of online discussion forum and presented our work so far in D&R weekly meeting today. The purpose of this tool is to create an online discussion environment that enhances equal and inclusive participation, collaboration of thoughts, and self reflection. It would be very helpful to have your comments and feedback on our current design. You can view our PowerPoint Slides here .
11 years ago
Hi all, Calli and I put together a survey today as part of a project to develop a new online research tool for college students. We were hoping that those of you in the lab who have experience putting together surveys and performing this type of research might give us some feedback on any questions about the research process you think are missing or any other thoughts you might have. The link to the survey is here: You can click through pages without answering questions or submitting results. Thanks so much!
Today I tried out Critter for the first time ever. I had no clue what Critter was or how it worked so hopefully my naivete of it will provide a fresh viewpoint for this project. I think Critter is a great idea and it could be a fun way to share comments with your friends about a wide variety of videos. It also seems user-friendly and the help section is thorough and does a nice job of explaining how Critter works and what it is all about. I do have a couple of hopefully helpful suggestions that I thought of as I was trying out Critter for the first time. I would like to preface my suggestions with the comment that I am giving this advice from a purely layman perspective, but I hope that it gives a sense of what the average person might think during the Critter experience.
Six people joined Survey Sidekick table presentation today (which is not bad comparing the turnout at other tables) and gave some useful suggestions for future development of Survey Sidekick: 1. Online consent form: A doctoral student from Australia who is conducting a study of 11-grade students' career choice in Australia mentioned the necessity of designing online consent form for researchers whose projects involve young respondents. 2. Advanced analysis of survey results: Many online survey tools provide descriptive statistics of survey results. However, it would be more useful if...
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As a follow-up to the EdLab seminar on Mobile Devices in the Workplace, there were requests to provide some resources on mobile learning. If there is anything in particular you are looking for, feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly and I will be glad to assist. References A list of references for your use, generated from my dissertation. Mobile articles A site that a colleague and I post mobile-related news articles to. Takeaways Two key takeaways from the seminar (that are independent of your topic): 1 - Know your audience This can help with anything from designing relevant solutions to gathering useful feedback. If you know your audience, your chances of succeeding at a task exponentially increase. 2 - Focus on improving a process Many times, there is an idea that technology will improve a process. For example, "let's get everybody iPhone's and they'll learn better!" The focus should be on identifying a process deficiency and how this can be improved. Technology is often an answer to help improve a process. So, focus on improving the process first and the rest will come. Slides Also, the presentation slides: Mobile Devices In The Workplace Nabeel
Greetings from the 'globalized' production! globalized:Learning for a New Era looking at learning communities, programs and educators who address the needs of a globalized society. We've started shooting at two locations for globalized, and wanted to share a very 'meta' look at what we're doing.
12 years ago
Here's a vlog experiment that I've been working on (thanks James for being the guinea pig, and Gonzalo for helping with the intro!)
Barn Raisers. That is the demographic that we can thank for the election of Barack Obama to the Office of the President. So what is a Barn Raiser you ask? Check out this article from Business Week to find out. The piece titled, "What Data Crunchers Did for Obama" underscores the central role that data and microtargeting played in the Obama campaign. In that vein, EdLab's Development & Research team has been working to figure out how to use data mining techniques to learn more about learner behaviors...
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In light of the AfterEd TV Launch discussion at our most recent seminar, I wanted to share two articles with everyone. The first, "Six Strategies for Building Viral Content" provides a framework for creating social media. The second article contains 37 viral marketing ideas. The fact that the AfterEd team has already emplo...
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The 12.07.2007 lineup is up. Give us feedback -- this is a great resource for After Ed producers. This week's content:
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