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At long last, the aural element of Overheard arrives! The Overheard Audio Tour is now online and on-campus: download the tour at the TC iTunes U site, grab a map from the exhibit on the third floor, and take the tour! It features personal stories and long-forgotten histories of TC you'll be surprised to hear. We are in the process of getting all of the exhibit documentation on the web, but check out the
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Recently I was trying to create account(s) in NetPosse and testing its features. I really like its simple design and think it will be a very powerful tool for community building and social networking in the Teachers College community. Here are some other thoughts on how to make it more powerful: There are two main aspects of social networking tools: 1) people search and 2) building or maintaining relationship through online interactions. While the original version states NetPosse as a social networking application in general, I notice the updated version Jeannie demonstrated yesterday has ...
One Saturday morning in the 8th year of my life, I combined two of my favorite breakfast foods: Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and maple syrup. My mother looked on and deemed my innovation not sustaining, not disruptive (though it was), but bad. Her critique went unheeded until I tested the innovation myself. Indeed, she was correct. There was little time o...
I came across Nina Simon's blog, Museum 2.0, while researching ways to establish a video kiosk for various upcoming exhibits at the ed lab. In this post she argues that constraints provide better participatory experiences. What does this have to do with video? Well, I immediately thought of Dan's video kiosk. He described the kiosk having a very simple user interface. The user would find an on/off button controlling a camera. This simplicity might promp...
If you haven't had a chance to take a look at the latest EdLab Vlog on the Critter Seminar, here it is:
As the 'Grow what you eat' event approaches, the need to promote this event has been on our minds. In addition to grabbing the attention of students at Teachers College, how can we bring in the general public? Just from my first impression of TC, it seems that many students don't have an idea what EdLab is about, or that it even exists. So I think a little self promotion is necessary. As we think about transforming the workspace to be more inviting to visitors, let's think about some fun marketing ideas. I'll just throw out an idea that I have been researching a bit. Have you heard of spra...
Hello everyone! I'm having some trouble installing an Apache Ant server on my computer, it won't run apache when I open it up for command lines. If anyone has time to take a look at it that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Hilary
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11 years ago
Here's the Critter promo, please let us know what you think!
Hi all, Calli and I are getting ready to enter another phase of our ongoing project on online research tools, and we have a draft of a survey (a revised version of one we posted earlier) that will soon be going out to various college students. It would be really helpful if some of you could take our survey and give us any feedback you can think of about the design of the questions, topics covered etc. The broad major research questions behind the survey are, "How do college students go about performing academic research?" "What are their frustrations or needs when it comes to the re...
Hi everyone, Next Wednesday, July 1st from 2:00pm-5:00pm, there will be a taping of the Critter Demo Video in Zankel Hall. This video will be used on the Critter site in order to both excite and inform users about the application. Rebekah, Doug, Skye, and I are organizing this and would appreciate anyone who is available and interested to be an "actor" in our video. The video will contain 2 features: 1. A classroom-based scenario of when Critter can be used.-->Filmed on 7/1 2. A demonstration of the steps one takes to use Critter in its entirety (this portion will likely consist of audio and screenshots). Who and What We Need: -roughly 10 people to act as high school students, simply sitting at desks, watching a class film, and passing notes -a "teacher", who will be in the front of the classroom and, to his/her discontent, notice the note-passing *The concept is that the notes will actually be insightful and pertain to the video, thus Critter (online discussions around videos), could eliminate this note-passing! So, let's throwback to your high school days and cast yourself in our video! More details to come to those who are interested, and interns, please consider this! Please either reply to this post or email me if you would like to help. Thanks!