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If you see me at your desk with a microphone and a voice recorder, try not to be (too) alarmed...I'm piloting an idea for ELR called "20 Second Update." Each week I'll randomly choose 4 people to give a brief update (20s) on the projects that they're currently working on. In other news, I'd like to thank everyone who agreed to be interviewed for a project that I recently completed for my Adult Learning class. Here are the videos that I promised to share (Edlabbers have some really terrific ideas!)
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I've been getting a lot of comments, both from people who like the authentic polaroid style as well as those who like the photoshopped version...If you get a chance, could you please vote on what you like most? Thanks! Which polaroid style do you like more?(answers) Authentic Polaroid:
Pollyanna--for those of you who don't know her, she helped me do EdLab recruiting last year--recently sent me in the direction of this internship posting. What do you think? Is the tone/substance a good fit for something that we might want to experiment with?
This might be an interesting idea for a future seminar: TEDx... Any ideas?
A few weeks ago Molly blogged about an event that she, Erin, and I filmed: the Brooklyn Skillshare! It was a confluence of creative and practical minds, very cheap ($10 suggested donation) and absolutely packed...I hope the organizers of Brooklyn Skillshare continue to plan such cool events! (Kudos to Patrick for clueing us in!)
Hey everyone! After many hours of work and love, the first episode of Edible is up. The show is geared towards people who are intimidated by not only cooking their own food, but those who are don't even know what kind of things to buy. I hope you all enjoy (and maybe even learn something!)!! The woman with me is Natalie Guarnaschelli, a masters candidate in TC's nutrition program.
Here's the final installment in the Sharecropper series! It was a fascinating experience and an experiment on many levels. It was my first attempt to plan, shoot, interview, edit and produce a documentary series on my own. Initially, I thought this would be a one episode project for Globalized, but it quickly burgeoned into a much grander film. It was also an experiment in minimalist equipment. For the series, I used a consumer/prosumer camcorder (Canon HV20) with a relatively inexpensive onboard shotgun mic and a wide angle lens. I noticed that people were much more willing to talk to me with a tiny camera than with an A1 or HVX. I really love this camera, and I now take it wherever I think there will be an interesting event (educational or not) taking place. All in all, it's been a really terrific experience producing this series, and I look forward to more like this in the future!
Hilary Fenton, one of our summer interns, recently delivered a prototype of the application she's been working on: Converso. Give it a try! Try uploading a short video, or view videos... for example, try "Espanol," "Intermediate," and "Culture." (Note: depending on your computer's Flash settings, it may be difficult to upload new video.) Functionality is limited in this version, but you can glean more from the proposal (attached). From Hilary's proposal: Converso is an online video message exchange that connects langua...
I hope that you enjoy the next installment of Sharecropper! This episode follows five people as they talk about their experiences growing plants in their donated spaces. I really enjoyed meeting everyone involved, seeing their spaces, and talking to them why a project like this was important. Overwhelmingly, the reactions revolved around the importance of slowing down, experiencing where our food comes from, and establishing community within their building and neighborhood. Please let me know what you think...also, if you have ideas for other "green" projects, I'd love to hear them!
11 years ago
Chandler, Ting, Jess and I have been tinkering with NetPosse, EdLab's academic networking prototype, and have added profiles for many TC faculty members. In order to best test and improve the efficiency of the recommendation system, we are asking all EdLabbers to please create a profile and let us know what you think! You can sign up here to find out which TC professors' interests and experiences align most closely with your own. FYI: For whatever it's worth, my #1 NetPosse suggested contact was Gary Natriello! Maybe we should tr...