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Thank you Hui Soo, Lin, and Brian H/K for all your help setting up the revised workspace (and thank you Dan for your patience while we get the space working correctly)!
Take a look at Facebook, a site for networking among college and high school students.
I think this is a good illustration of the conceptual underpinnings of Web 2.0 (aka the next-gen web).
14 years ago
Stemming from an earlier discussion with Erica Boling, I believe that we are right to question the efficacy of current educational material, and more specifically, the efficacy of textbooks. We referred to a comment previously raised regarding the poor attempt of textbooks to cite authors–and how absurd it is to expect our students to learn citation and academic etiquette from such prevalent examples. (I cannot remember exactly who said it; all I can attest is that he or she was older than 50. Discuss among yourselves.) Why is it so absurd that many students feel citation is so… passé an...
For the Social Software class I am taking this term, one of the things we have to do is contribute links to this CCTE Distributed Research database. Some of the contributions are interesting (it would take hours to go through all the links). One of the recent additions was this website called What Should I Read Next, which is a book recommendation system (somewhat like Amazon, but less comercial feeling).
Tom Friedman is on C-Span2 (at the National Book Festival, Washington DC) doing a book talk on "The World is Flat: A Brief History of the 21st Century." I haven't read the book yet but his talk raises some interesting questions about the era we are living in (e.g., industrial, post industrial, information, globalization built around nations/corporations, globalization built around individuals). I am not sure when it will be aired again, but it might be helpful if someone could record it the next time it came on.
Interesting article on digital archiving Connell is one of a growing number of computer experts worldwide who believe that, far from a panacea that provides increasingly efficient answers to problems of recording, storing and retrieving information, technology is deeply flawed. They fear that rather than ushering mankind into a techno-utopia of paperless offices and clean, eco-friendly, endlessly flexible, virtual communication, it threatens to cast future generations into what Co...
14 years ago
Interesting concept but judging from a couple searches some of the publishers are not maintaining links. BiblioVault "The Bibliovault repository contains a growing collection of older, recently published, and new books from participating scholarly presses." Search subject, author, title, or full-text. It's not a large collection as yet, but an interesting one that can shed light on current issues. A search on New Orleans yielded some fascinating stuff on its history, politics, poverty, and race relations.
This is the complaint from an Anonymous TC student "Ed Smith" circulating around email lists: -------------------- Dear fellow student, Attached please find the related document. If you are a TC student affronted about the current tuition increase in the face of deteriorating instruction and poor student services you are subjected to at TC, I urge you to join this petition immediately! Each and every support for this petition can help to stop this tuition increase and strengthen TC students' voices to improve your and your fellow students' education at TC. Please pass this letter on t...
Related to a conversation I was having with some of the folks upstairs, I think this is a very interesting format for an EdLab video blog: RocketBoom.