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These are some outputs from an Arduino after I read it via serial. It is equivalent to "Hello, I'm fine and ready!" The repetition of the output almost made a 3D Ascii art that I thought was nice. Accidentally nice.
Without a doubt social medial remains a very vital tool in education. Contrary to the belief of most critics, social media tends to bring students closer to the learning environment even outside the classroom. Networking plays a key role in how students can collaborate with their peers to solve problems or develop ideas. Regardless of which country a student might be in, social media will help ensure that the learning experience is easily accessible to all students. The vialogue below highlights the positive influence social media has on education.
Self-assessment remains a very vital aspect of education. Several researchers have proven that students and teachers tend to improve when they evaluate themselves. Students and teachers are able to focus more on what they are not doing right at the expense of what others might feel they are not doing right. While students assess themselves, teachers also try to improve their techniques in teaching. These attempts to improve the learning experience helps students and teachers reach their peak. The vialogue below shows some insights from students and teachers about self-assessment.
A really, really quick way to get started on your new Pi in 5 minutes. If you have just bought a new Raspberry Pi, and you are so excited you canceled plans with your friends just to go home and hook it up. Here is my write up on a very quick cut-to-the-chase path to get started on your Pi without the technical details to kill your appetite. My new Raspberry Pi 2 model B, a $35 Quadcore computer the size of a credit card is six times faster than the previous v1. It has sold more than 4M...
This is from Matt Kremer, an entrepreneur who build products using new technologies. He has this page which chronicles his journey in product development and especially strategies he learned to maximize a product's pre-signups. Pre-signup number is very important, since it indicates the amount of people who find your idea interesting enough to convert. Dropbox is pretty much a tale of this case. It got 75,000 signups on the wait list in the first 24 hours even b...
Stumbled upon this awesome website comparing flat and realistic-based designs. The endless scroll feature works really well for this site's "storytelling" approach --beautifully done! Flat vs. Realism
If you're using a Mac, you'll probably notice an automatic security update installing on your computer in the next couple of days. When this happened to me earlier this morning, I was caught by surprise and somewhat suspicious because I've never seen an automatic update on a Mac before. As it turned out, this was a real update and the first time Apple has issued an automatic fix. Here's some more info.
6 years ago
Amazon unveiled their version of a slim-lined, super computer last week in the form of a mini speaker named Alexa. "Even when it's asleep, Echo is still listening for the trigger phrase that will turn it on and start streaming your voice to the cloud." Read more about it here: CNN Amazon
Hi everyone! As you may have heard, from Sept. 6 - Oct. 3 the historic Lilac Museum Steamship will be host to a Floating Library! That's right--a steamship that's been transformed into a library! This pop-up space is free and open to the public, the only stipulation is that visitors power down their mobile devices before boarding to "encourage visitors to be more engaged with their surroundings."
7 years ago
FYI: On April 29, MediaSite is hosting a free webinar about using streaming videos in organizations. This is the keynote speech in MediaSite's user conference Unlease 2013. I think it can be interesting to some EdLabbers who are concerned about the future development of Vialouges and videos in general. Time: 8:05-9:00 Central Time Registe...