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Today’s headlines focus on two populations subject to extra scrutiny and restrictions from government authorities; international students and people in prison. Students and college administrators are responding to guidelines issued by immigration officials on Monday with confusion and outrage. Meanwhile, prisons across the country are failing to control coronavirus outbreaks, and the people inside are suffering the consequences. These headlines are selected from the front pages curated by
Today’s daily news covers stories including gross corruption by legislators, protesters pushing for justice against a calcified system, and government mismanagement endangering its citizens. Each of the stories below is drawn from newspaper front pages curated by
OverviewThis resource guide is an overview of resources that can help members of the Teachers College community who are seeking information in recognition of special education and the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Most of these resources are available online and can be accessed off campus, and some are even hosted by outside organizations that researchers may deem relevant to their inquiries. I...
Today’s stories are continuations of other stories we have covered previously on this blog, including the ongoing pandemic, the continuing battles for justice in America, and ongoing diplomatic tensions from Brexit. All stories are taken from the newspaper front pages curated by
"On the evening of the first our brigade (Gordon's) set out on the York road to see that the enemy did not come upon us in the rear from that direction. Our duties were not very hard after this till we started to leave, when the protection of the rear of the army fell upon our brigade. By the way of Fairfield the enemy charged us at that place and did some damage in ...
Good afternoon! Here a few of today’s headlines from local, national, and international papers provided to us courtesy of Newseum:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Published in Pittsburgh, PA
In recognition of cancer season and the current reckoning with society’s foundations, today’s headlines look at the English-speaking coastal areas of North America, or Turtle Island. All along the continent’s perimeter, wildlife and people are facing environmental and public hea...
Today’s daily news focuses on continuing coverage of the novel coronavirus epidemic. As we are unfortunately experiencing a massive second wave, the lockdowns and measures appear to be in place for the foreseeable future. We hope all Teachers College staff and students can stay safe and healthy. As always all stories are drawn from the front pages curated by
Today’s daily news covers a variety of topics from a variety of sources, though because this is 2020 they all inevitably lead back to systemic injustice. Despite ranging from voting rights to the disproportionate impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic, they all share a common theme of inequality. As always, all stories are drawn from the front pages curated by
Hello all and welcome to the weekend! Here are some of the headlines today from newspapers across the United States. The focus of today is on schools’ plans for the fall semester and the direction of federal spending. As always, these headlines are taken from