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Today’s headlines examine the shifting behavior of federal law enforcement officers across the United States. Yesterday, the FBI arrested the Ohio House Speaker in one of the “largest public corruption cases” in the state’s history, and federal agents are investigating the attempted murder of a federal judge in New Jersey. Yet federal agents are also being deployed in less traditional ways in Oregon, Illinois, and potentially New York, in order to quell social unrest following several high profile murders of Black people by local...
Today is another day and that means more news of terrible inequality and injustice. However, today’s news also comes with stories of people bravely fighting against terrible odds to make America align a little bit more with the nation it claims to be. Thank you again to for helping to curate and highlight local ...
One small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.-- Neil ArmstrongOn July 20th, 1969 at 4:17pm the Lunar Module, "Eagle," touched down on the Sea of Tranquility on the east side of the Moon, with but 45 seconds left of fuel in the tank after an overshot landing some four miles. Once on the surface, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin became the first men to walk on the Moon, ...
As 2020 continues, yet more stories of the pandemic, of inequality and lack of opportunity, and of naked corruption continue to dominate the headlines. Today’s daily news is no different. While nothing in these stories is truly unprecedented, all of the injustices we see daily feel more egregious for occurring during such a time of universal crisis. Thanks again to
Today’s news items from around the work focus on the continuing efforts to fight discrimination and the virus. In particularly noteworthy news, civil rights champion John Lewis passed away yesterday. However, others are continuing his work. The New York Times profiles Assa Traoré, an activist in France. As always, these headlines are taken from
Today’s headlines take a look at developing responses to the coronavirus pandemic outside of the United States. From worsening outbreaks to “mask rage” and the desire to get back to “normal,” people across the world are experiencing vastly different responses to Covid-19.These headlines are selected from the front pages curated by
Good afternoon! I hope everyone is having a pleasant Thursday. Once again, here are a handful of today’s headlines brought to us by Newseum: The New York Times, Published in New York, NY
Today’s headlines focus exclusively on how economic struggles related to the coronavirus pandemic have destabilized housing across the United States. With federal protections against evictions and foreclosures set to expire this month, some municipalities, counties, and states seek to protect their residents’ housing. Elsewhere, however, renters and homeowners are facing dispossession. These headlines are selected from the front pages curated by
The first order of business in today’s Daily News: I’m hijacking the blog briefly to wish all of my fellow nonbinary people at TC a happy Nonbinary Visibility Day. After that brief interlude, 2020 continues to be an utterly broken year. As always, all of the stories on this series are drawn from the front pages curated by
As racial justice continues to top the headlines, we look to the past and honor one notable alumnus who came to our attention when compiling a TC History Calendar: Kenneth Bancroft Clark, born this day in history, July 14th, 1914. Clark was the first African-American to earn a