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Aug 15 2013 - 07:36am
Recycling Signals and Waves to Power Sensor and Wireless Devices
We don't seem to realize how Cell Towers, TV Towers and Wifi Hotspots are important to our communication devices, but also numerous signals and waves go to waste. This technology created by students from the University of Washington wants to recycle the waves and signal to power types of sensor and other types of wireless devices. These wireless and battery-less sensors can be used to make money transfers between people. For example, a circuit board was registered with imaginary funds and was forwarded to another sensor. If this technology is to be used, it can change normal human interaction and there would be a new form of communication. Also it could be used on keys, cell phones, wallets and other items that could be lost easily so when you go too far from it, a signal is given for to alert you of your item. When a phone battery dies, this source of power could provide enough power to text and call or communicate with other sensors.
|By: Khalil Abubakar|730 Reads