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Aug 05 2013 - 05:19pm
Can Twitter Help You Become a Better Writer?
Check out this Forbes article on how some believe Twitter can actually help your writing skills. Although I'm not sure if I agree that it can make anyone a better writer, I can see the author's point of view. I actually do tend to ramble a lot and use way too many run-on sentences when I write. With the 140 character-limit, I can see how this can help you compress your thoughts into short and concise sentences. In high school our essays always had to be a certain length, which made students just over-repeat their points throughout the paper. Since coming to college, I have been trying to work on saying more with fewer words. What do you guys think? Can Twitter help teach us how to take out those "extra words" we really don't need?
Posted in: The Interns|By: Mable Yiu|746 Reads