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Jul 07 2013 - 09:46pm
Benefit of Implementing Tech in Class
This article is a very good example of how implementing technology in a classroom setting can benefit the educational experience of students. After realizing the difficulty of keeping up with her students' educational dissatisfaction, a private school teacher found a way to address this problem through the use of video lecturing. She found that her students retainment of information as well as their grades improved significantly by applying this method of teaching. To be honest, I'm not surprised especially since our society has become a sponge eager to soak up the smallest bits of media stimulation we run upon. It's only right and beneficial that we use this utility for the greater good and actually expose our students to it in a productive manner. I enjoyed reading the aforementioned article simply because of the teacher's awareness of what her students needed and her willingness to take action.
|By: Sebastian Sackey|770 Reads