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Jun 23 2013 - 06:48pm
Miss You Guys!
Hey EdLab! Surprised to see a post from me? It's hard to imagine that I started my summer internship with EdLab about 1 year ago from today! I missed you guys a lot! I just finished the first week of my new summer internship at LinkedIn and of course I kept thinking back to my first week at EdLab! I'm having a fantastic time at LinkedIn but I always keep EdLab in mind. I loved talking about EdLab during the past school year to people who asked what I did over the summer. I brought up everything from the projects to the people, from the activities to the culture. I never did get to tell you guys how the experience I gained from EdLab, especially the technical experience from building NLT, helped me accelerate in a lot of my CS classes. In many of my project groups, my peers made me the web-dev guy since I apparently “just knew more” about web frameworks, front-end business, and etc., but it was really due to the intensive training that EdLab gave me by throwing NLT onto my lap on the first week! Anyway, from a cursory glance at the blog, it seems like everyone is doing just great which makes me glad. I'll pop in every now and then when I get a chance. And as always, thank you everyone at EdLab, especially my enduring mentor Yudan, for the awesome experience! I hope the new summer interns have as amazing of time as I did :)
|By: Scott Khamphoune|772 Reads