Jun 19 2013 - 11:58pm
Video Sharing Apps
Sometimes when trying to show a real life scenario by searching for videos on YouTube or other sites, it becomes quite difficult because you might be satisfied of what you get but never be content. This article explains how the new video sharing app Vine has made recording live events, editing them and sharing them more easier. Along with Vine, apps like Viddy and Socialcam have helped trying to get a point across easier by creating your own video which addresses what you are trying to prove. In comparison to Vialogues, I think the option of depicting a life event gets hard because there is no built-in feature in Vialogues, which makes it easier to upload a live video. Vialogues is mainly created to depict a video scenario where students can learn from and sometimes YouTube doesn't provide the user with content they really need. I think Vialogues should create a built-in feature which allows the user to create a short video and edit it in order to get a specific point across. With the rise of video sharing apps like Vine, we should plan to create oour own app namely the “the Instagram of video” as this will be useful in order to get more people to use our Vialogues site.
By: Khalil Abubakar|622 Reads