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Jun 17 2013 - 02:27am
Cornell Note Taking System
For all the interns at EdLab currently taking college courses I would highly recommend this system of note taking. The Cornell Note Taking system was created at Cornell University and although it is no holy grail of note taking, this system has been shown to be very effective. The method involves a sheet of paper folded into several sections: the cue section, the summaries section, and the note taking area. This division allows a student to properly organize thoughts and key info discussed in class. The cue section is the area where you write down questions that your notes answer (almost like Jeopardy). In the summaries area, you use your notes to summarize what you learned during the lecture. And finally, the note taking area is where you gather all the important information from your lecture. A lot of my classmates have told me how helpful this method is and I intend to begin using it next semester.
|By: Sebastian Sackey|1108 Reads