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Jun 16 2013 - 01:26am
Teachers Speak Up for Using Student Data
After seeing Wednesday's Nutmeg seminar, I later came across these set of very short videos featuring teachers that seem to instinctively understand how important student data is, in the same manner of Nutmeg: they do not just rely on the end and final result to nurture student's growth. I watched David Gesualdi's video here: "I ... have a number in my head of where that student performed on the previous assessment and that's what drives my instruction," says Gesualdi. This teacher, who can't shake out of his head the number of how each student performed on the previous test is like the Olympics athlete, bounded by his latest and highest record on the running tracks...Numbers can really haunt and motivate, huh? His words made me happy, and I just thought to share!
Posted in: Education|By: Roy Kim|721 Reads