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Jun 13 2013 - 01:09am
Brown University's Use of Data
I really enjoyed today's EdLab seminar. Not sure if it was because this was my first seminar in two weeks and time away had drawn me closer to the weekly meetings, or if I just slept well last night. At any rate, I was particularly intrigued with John's discussion of his company and the importance of data. So for today's blog, I would like to share an online article I found about Brown University's productive use of its data. The institution gathered a vast amount of data in order to strategize how to best manage its growth. This task was achieved through a huge survey conducted over the entirety of the campus involving over 2,000 participants with the goal of finding out exactly how members use the campus. The results attained graphically depicted a very connected and integrated school system with links between departments identified by a multitude of lines and zigzags. Whether attending class, regularly going about your day, or even thoughts on how the school can be improved, it was all connected. As a fast growing institution, Brown aims to use this data to identify the best ways to manage its future spatial and academic growth.
|By: Sebastian Sackey|537 Reads