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Jun 04 2013 - 03:28pm
Hacking Into the Indian Education System
I found a really cool article about someone who hacked into Indian Education System and found the results for the ICSE and ISC national examinations. According to the author, roughly 150,000 students take the ICSE and 65,000 take the ISC. The author managed to "hack" the website using some simple java script and managed to retrieve information from every test score including: Name, DOB, ID Number, School, and finally grades. It was interesting for me as a coder to read how the writer managed to breach the security of the website using simple javascript, and also at the same time the glaring lack of security on the website itself. For non-computer science readers, the distribution of the scores themselves are very fascinating. Attached is a graph of the distribution of scores in the English test that I originally found here. We expect to see a somewhat normally distributed curve, which will be rather smooth. However, if you look at the distribution, you will notice that there are spikes in the scores themselves, and there are certain scores such as 81, 82, 84, 87. NO ONE IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY got this score. This was not some weird pattern as this distribution manifested itself in EVERY SINGLE test subject. This suggests that there is some sort of tampering with the numbers itself and questions about the authenticity of the entire system. The aforementioned article itself goes into this in much more detail and I encourage you to check it out and make your own conclusions.
Posted in: Education|By: Brian Liu|2873 Reads