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May 31 2013 - 08:00pm
Moar Searchbar
 giant searchbar Columbia is debuting a new library homepage on Monday which features, just below its mega banner, a trendily huge search bar. I've been thinking about search bars quite a lot lately as the library prepares for a transition to Serials Solutions Summon. Columbia is running a version of the open source catalog Blacklight, but the concept of a massive, google-esque search of all library resources is common to both Blacklight and Summon. Columbia preview The move towards a keyword-based search strategy has been controversial in the library community, but the increasing accuracy of relevancy rankings and patron acceptance of large result sets has made the move more acceptable for research institutions. Universities like Duke, Syracuse, and Rochester have made Summon-enabled keyword searches the major focus of their library homepages. Our current library homepage presents a lot of information right away, but the transition to Summon will enable a query-oriented portal. What do you think of this strategy?
Posted in: Library|By: Laura Costello|785 Reads