Apr 18 2013 - 10:31am
Event Recap: NYEdTech Meetup @ Knewton - "Sprechen sie EdTech - an International EdTech Panel"
Int EdTech Check-out my original post here for more details on the panelists and the event. Overall, this meetup was interesting and well organized (NYEdTech is really rocking the EdTech Meetup scene!). NOT Max Headroom However, my only suggestion would be to cut-down on the length of the panel discussion and build-in a bit more time for networking. However, the quality of the panelists was really great and included a successful "virtual" participant (see pic) who used Google+ to successfully participate from London. I was especially impressed that this integration of a "virtual" participant seemed to be seamlessly integrated into the event and didn't feel Max Headroom-esque AT ALL!!! International EdTech The focus of the event was on international edtech and I felt that the panelists provided a diverse geographical perspective. Colombia <---> London. In addition, the crowd included MANY new faces which was especially exciting and a real testament to the power of these Meetups to engage a wide array of community members. Overall Thank you NYEdTech Meetup, Tom K. & Sharon (+Knewton) for hosting another great evening of panels and networking!
By: Kate Meersschaert|616 Reads