Feb 25 2013 - 01:00am
Monsanto Patent Infringement
Monsanto is considered one of the world's largest agriculture organization. It is known for its genetic engineering of many crops. Monsanto claims to promote an agriculture world that would help farmers produce better crops and healthier animals. Moreover, Monsanto promotes a vision of feeding the world's hungry by helping farmers grow better crops. However, Monsanto is responsible for failure of many farms and the decrease of crop varieties. Lots of resistant weeds and pest have been developed by Monsanto crops. Genetic Modified organism was introduced in 1990 to change DNA of crops and enhance crop productivity and resistance to natural disturbance. Although the change in DNA has cause an increase in production, many other unexpected health conditions are becoming common and as a result, Monsanto is also changing the traditional way of farming. Farmers who use seed from Monsanto produce more crops but they do not own the right to the seeds as Monsanto has patent right over the seeds. Moreover, with the government in favor of feeding the nation, the genetic modified crops are preferred. In addition, Monsanto has many links in the government which allows them to produce crops under loose guidelines. In a recent article, Vermon Bowman, a 75 year old Indiana farmer will be going to court to face Monsanto on charges on infringing of patent. Farmers who buy Monsanto seeds are not allowed to save seeds after harvest. In this case Bowman thought the plants he was saving were not those from Monsanto. Monsanto is suing him $84,000 and the case will be heard in the Supreme Court.
By: Ahmed Bagigah|669 Reads