Nov 19 2012 - 12:20am
Spanish MOOC Review
Pros This website is very useful for those interested in learning how to speak Spanish. There are videos that explain everything you need to know step by step starting with greetings (e.g. como estas?) and the alphabet. Cons There are some letters in the alphabet that are missing some letters such as "Ch", which is a letter in the Spanish alphabet. Other letters missing were ñ, ll and rr. I did like how you can learn Spanish very quickly and easily however I would like to learn how to greet people and describe myself fairly quickly. I was listening to the videos and there are some words that were used at the wrong time or it was the wrong word. For example, a feminine word was used instead of a masculine word and vice versa. Takeaway Though the site is easy to use and navigate, there are several features or aspects I would have wanted to see. I would like to know how and when to use a letter that has an accent as it plays an important role in the meaning of those words and how it is spoken. I'm not sure if learning a language through the Internet is a con or a pro as it might all depend on what the individual is looking for. Some people tend to need others for an approval on the way they pronounce some of their words. Overall this website will succeed in its mission of teaching Spanish to non-native speakers.
By: Francisco Mendoza|5933 Reads