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Aug 20 2012 - 05:01 AM
Night of Destiny (27th day of Ramadan)
The importance of Ramadan is to purify Muslims from all their sins and grant them a place in Paradise if they spend the month on the right terms and conditions as cited in the Quran. Every single day of the holy month of Ramadan shows a big importance in Muslims' lives but the most important and recommended to all Muslims is the 27th day of the month. According to the Quran, the 27th day, also called the Night of Destiny or Laylatul-Qadr in Arabic, is the best of the year in the Muslim calendar. Along this day, Muslims are recommended to ask for forgiveness and everything that is most needed to them, with a guarantee that their wishes will happen if they were all asked with sincerity and purity. The holy book Quran was also given to the prophet Muhammad on this blessed day of God. Muslims around the world will attend a series of prayers even longer than the one they did before with the primary intention to be forgiven by God from all their sins. It is mentioned by God that the prayer done on the 27th day of Ramadan are worth a lifetime of unstopped prayers (about 83 years of non-stopped prayer); something that is welcomed in Paradise. As a Muslim myself, I will be getting ready to attend this superb and holy night with my community in the mosque. There is no reason in the world why I should miss it.
|By: Oumar Soumahoro|92461 Reads