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Aug 17 2012 - 03:13 PM
Seacrest Out
Hey y'all. In apparent EdLab fashion, here's my recap of the summer that was. I had the benefit of coming in a week before Rebecca and Rebekah and spent that first week getting acquainted with the ins and outs of EdLab. By the time they got here I was already a veteran. When my fellow Future of Library Interns came the fun really began. Like the previous posts, we started out by working on drumming up interest in Vialogues in the wake of it's award from AASL. Here's the video I created on Vialogues which will hopefully used for library instruction: Shortly thereafter, we got busy working on our Moodle Courses. After initially toying around with a course on oyster farming, which I've never done (but would like to try after my midlife crisis), I created a course on Google Analytics. You'll remember our wonderful D&R presentation on Moodle Courses, from which I received useful feedback on my course (my thanks to you guys). Meanwhile, I was also working on a file uploader for the NLT site using the fairly new HTML File Uploader on API. This was a project that was beyond the scope of what I'd ever worked on previously with regards to coding, and it was certainly a challenge! After working on it for a couple of weeks, I had a useable, if not perfect, product that in the end didn't get used, but I learned so much about jQuery/HTML5 in the process, for which I am grateful for. That was a running theme at EdLab: the amount of information I learned in 10 weeks has been unbelievable. Between the seminars, the research digests I was doing, talking with my co-workers on a regular basis, this whole experience has opened my eyes to the world of ed tech and the potential and possibilities associated with it. Prior to coming to EdLab, I was focusing more on the tech side of libraries, but this position has really opened my eyes to the instruction element of libraries, and the rapid developments being made in education. Okay, getting back to it. There were also some more traditional library tasks to perform and archival adventures to go on (libraries rule!). The last major project we, the library team, worked on was the Project Blacklight proposal, which essentially allows libraries to develop much more patron friendly online catalogs. I believe it would be a really great addition to Gottesman Library, and would contribute to EdLab's "Future of Libraries" vision. So, to say the least, it's been a busy summer, and perhaps that's why its seemed like these past 11 weeks have flown by. My internship is over, and I've got a couple of interviews next week that I'm going to wait and here back from before I decide what my next move is (which could very well be EdLab!). Whatever happens, though, I just want to thank all of you for your friendship and support over the summer. I've never worked with a group of such smart, engaged, and passionate people in my life and it's not something I take for granted. Whatever happens, I'm glad I've been able to be a part of the EdLab family. A special shout out to Jo, Laura, Rebecca, and Rebekah, without whom I would not have had this same awesome experience. But enough sentimentality, I'm ready to sing. I'll end with a question. Is this awesome or just kind of sad:
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