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Aug 15 2012 - 09:45 AM
LinkedIn: Social Network & Online Credibility + Tips
Building Online Credibility in your Profession (it helps our organization too) As organizations improve their online presence, their brand and credibility in the minds of others increases. Their ability to communicate and interact with a wider audience, community or industry is extended exponentially.  The same is true for individuals, and why it's to your advantage to 'position and support' the brand of the organizations that you work for on your LinkedIn profile. As individuals, we too need and benefit from this online presence of credibility.  LinkedIn a Tool How can it be useful? We can approach it differently, looking at its use creatively. It's a communication tool that works on many levels, both directly and indirectly. Main advice is to approach your profile with a strategy in mind (which would be quite different than, say, one that I might use for Facebook).  I've gathered together some great tips to share with our group. Tips: Here are some of the points to create a more effective presence on LinkedIn: 1. Be Creative with your use of space: it's your real estate to use.  Look at it within a bigger framework, and be creative. Don't simply 'answer questions' in the sign-up process and end up with a bland profile. Break the so-called 'rules', and use the space to share your story in an effective way.  There really is no rule that says your profile, or career, have to be dull. So professionally present yourself, and share your story of contributions, in an interesting way. At the same time you are doing so, it will help elevate the brand of the organization that you work for, which makes it a win-win. 2. Consider how your Narrative is Absorbed in the modern, short attention-span world (headline, picture, text, summary positioning, items linked to your profile, and how all the information is structured to better communicate message). 3. Make it Direct, Compelling and Absorbable (not just readable). It will make all the difference. In order to achieve absorbability, you'll need extra focus on spacing to keep your content in 'chewable chunks' which can be absorbed.  4. Choose the right Picture:  Energy, enthusiasm, drive, passion and presence in the image will make it a home run. 5. An Effective Headline, the short message next to your picture, lets someone understand with just a glance 'what you are about' professionally. 6. The Summary area is a great space to talk about your current organization, while you are Presenting Yourself to Visitors of your profile.  Think of this area as the opportunity to communicate what you are about professionally in a capsulized format, which is supported farther below by what you add under the roles for each organization. 7. Make it Rich in Content, and use Social Media sharing. There are lots of ways to add and share content, links and make connections in the community, so make use of them (think: LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Answers, Status Updates, Comments and Re-Shares). 8. Link Directly to Your Organizations' LinkedIn page (as employee / employer) and share the organization's website (as 1 of the 3 Web links on your profile). It's an easy way for others to visit those links too. There's much more that you can do. Just remember to keep in mind that this is a tool to manage your online presence of credibility, look at it creatively thinking out-of-the-box, and tend to your garden! It will help you, and your organization be seen in the best light.
Posted in: Knowledge Solutions|By: Daniel Um|1295 Reads