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Aug 09 2012 - 08:31pm
Evolution of Music
Given my interest in music, I was immediately intrigued by this article I found on the Economist website which gives insight on the evolution of music through the past half decade. Findings from research conducted by Spanish researchers at the Artificial Intelligence Institute in Barcelona concluded that music over time has become louder as well as homogeneous. Such a conclusion was made after researchers analyzed data from the Million Song Dataset, a musical databank run partly by Columbia University, which contains musical information on a million Western produced songs. It was found that although modern day music utilizes the same chords as that from 1950, chord progression has changed. More musicians are now often neglecting to use uncommon chords in their compositions thus leading to a loss of variety. music Also the volume of music over the years has increased by an average of 9 decibels as artists try to edge each other to catch the attention of radio listeners. What are your opinions on these findings? Do think they are fairly accurate?
|By: Duncan Asiedu|9581 Reads