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Oct 01 2006 - 05:33 PM
When Products Don't Matter
If you haven't heard about Bubblare, don't worry, it's not for you. Bubblare is the Swedish answer to YouTube. Although the two sites are functionally identical, Bubblare (the newer site) is much more popular in Sweden. The difference lies purely in the communities; as this Swedish paper reminds us, "What's funny in Shanghai isn't necessarily funny in BorÃ¥s." This is just another reminder that the monopoly approach to business doesn't work as well in the new connected world, and fails miserably for Web2.0. Web2.0 applications rely on communities with similar interests and norms joining to produce content. And creating a functional community is likely much like creating functional groups. Common goals and values — but don't specify the means too concretely. As the Head First folks remind us (using Web2.0 itself as the example), just vague enough descriptions and recipes can actually be necessary to the co-creation of knowledge and understanding.
Posted in: EventDesign Event|By: Dan Mallinger|37846 Reads