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Jul 24 2012 - 12:11 PM
Trends in Ed: College Classes as Incubator for Entrepreneurship
University campuses are becoming incubators for entrepreneurship. Young people can make their dreams come true by taking the encouraging, inspiring, and practice-oriented classes. These classes, which serve as launchpads for startups, train college students who lack experience yet are full of passion to become fresh-faced business leaders. Can entrepreneurship really be taught? There are numerous testimonies from student entrepreneurs who took those classes and developed their first product from scratch. Successful stories include Pulse (media delivery), HubSpot (marketing software), and Adaptly (social media ad server). Students learn practical lessons and are constantly spurring out feasible prototypes so that they can push their products out of water within a short period of time — that's actually the goal of most college entrepreneurship classes such as Stanford's Launchpad, MIT's New Enterprises, Washington University's capstone class Hatchery, or Northwestern University's NUvention. It only takes a few weeks for a product to go from conception to launch and, in some cases, you cannot get a grade if you don't launch your product in public. It is an intimidating process yet a welcomed opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.
Posted in: Trends in EdNew Learning Times|By: Lu Wang|2074 Reads