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Jul 02 2012 - 02:51pm
EdLab Review: Teach with Portals
Teach-With-Portals Valve has developed a dedicated site and collection of resources, Teach with Portals. The site was created to help educators use Valve's record-breaking game, Portal, which teaches STEM and Language Arts topics. Subjects with correspondent resources on the site include: Physics, Math, Chemistry, Game Design, Language Arts, and more. Teach with Portals provides resources ranging from dedicated lesson plans (see attached for a lesson on Terminal Velocity), a teacher forum, wiki (coming soon!) and access to their beta Portal2 Puzzlemaker for use in classes (more on this after the beta opens up). See the vialogue embedded below for a real world example of how Nashville-area teacher, Cameron Pittman, is using Portal to teach Physics and learn more on his blog. Pros: Valve has created a community and a set of easy-to-access, standards-based resources for educators to apply the game in their classroom. Gamification is a hot buzzword in education, and it is refreshing to see the reverse use case— an educational layer being added to an established game. Cons: It would be great to see more resources on how to access this hardware-based game in a classroom. Schools typically shun sites like YouTube, and it would be great if there was a "Dear Administrator..."-type letter for educators to download to help them to justify using a video game and gaming console in their classroom. EdLab Relevance: As we move forward with the ALT/BLT database, it will be important to remember that reviewing a collection of resources created by one group could be as useful to an educator as simply reviewing one product or site. Our Takeaway: Teach with Portals is a valuable resource for bringing an interactive gaming environment to your classroom in a meaningful, standards-based way.
Posted in: EdLab Review|By: Kate Meersschaert|2154 Reads