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Jun 01 2012 - 03:42 PM
Measuring Innovation by Becoming "Datasexual"
I just finished reading that innovation is not measured by investing more money into research and development or by pushing more patents.... "The best measure of an organization's innovation potential is how successfully it has created a collaborative organization" (top of pg 177). This can be done by mapping internal and external networks of an organization... which, to me, sounds like a glorified organizational chart. Or it can be done by mapping coauthorships (sounds like citation mapping, done by Web of Science). OR, (wait for it...) What's more intriguing is how collaborative organizations could be measured by mapping informal interactions. Sounds tedious... *Lightbulb!* Why don't we (EdLab'ers) consider becoming "datasexuals" for a week, and "Check-In" each time we've had an interaction? (Think: Facebook and its Check-In system... or Foursquared). Every time you have a group meeting, a lunch, a one-on-one... with someone at EdLab or outside... This could be a really cool way to visualize and communicate the networks of the EdLab organization! A visual stamp in time. It may reveal networks (especially external networks) we may not have known of the other, or it may also be telling of where we need to network more... This is just a spark. Would someone consider "Yes, and"ing...? Perhaps someone who has been on the Dashboard project? Sounds like this kind of project would be right up that alley... Janice
Posted in: Knowledge SolutionsProject Idea|By: Janice Joo|1339 Reads