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May 10 2012 - 02:42 PM
Trends in Ed: Privacy and Publicity
Screenshot2012-05-10at22958PM An intriguing idea has been floating around the library blogosphere inspired by Overdrive's recently announced plans to expand into a new, $5 million headquarters and the potential implications for content and service. Amongst librarians miffed at Overdrive's fund allocation in light of their consistent mediocrity there have been rumblings of a buyout. Not that we could afford it in its current state or even have a mechanism in place for such a venture, but the idea suggests an interesting possible future for digital book lending. Amazon's neat little private library also announced today a partnership with J.K. Rowling. Soon all 7 Harry Potter books in spanking-new digital format will be available for Prime lending though the Kindle store. The success of such a commercial library and the willingness with which users have consented to arm-twisting of Amazon partnerships will make their e-lending program sensational and the library response at this stage may mean the future of digital lending.
Posted in: Trends in EdNew Learning Times|By: Laura Costello|1642 Reads