May 09 2012 - 03:26pm
Startup Spotlight: Knimbus
Knimbus logo Details & Backstory: Knimbus is a 2 year-old, Delhi-based startup focused on providing a platform to share, discover, and collaborate on research and research-related resources for higher ed. Knimbus was founded by Rahul Agarwalla and Tarun Arora, who is also the CEO of research-focused GIST. Knimbus not only offers a social platform for collaboration around research within your institution, but also the opportunity to collaborate with researchers from around the world. Also, resources from your institution's library are discoverable through the platform. Finally, all results are displayed based on ranking and relevance and can be visualized as "clusters" in interactive charts and graphs. Knimbus was described by techcircle in this article as being a "combin[ation] of LinkedIn and Google, for researchers across the globe." Unique Point of Difference: Personalization. Users can rank, categorize, favorite* and add tags to all search results. This ability to add personal context and rich metadata to research results is a stand out feature. EdLab Relevance: As we continue to evolve our own proprietary social network for academia, Ednode, and with the recent launch of ResearchBroker, adding the ability to personalize search results seems paramount. Also, the Knimbus model seems like a good one to explore further if we decide to take Ednode to a wider range of institutions. Our Takeaway: Knimbus offers a compelling combination of personalized, collaborative discovery and social sharing around academic research. Screen shot 2012-05-09 at 3.32.04 PM *Notice the star-based "favorite" icon!
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