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Apr 23 2012 - 11:28 AM
Trends in Ed: Never Joke about the Rugrat Race!
It all started with an April Fool's prank from the National Public Radio (NPR), who printed a story on April 1st about how Porsafillo Preschool Academy applicants are required to submit a DNA analysis of their children. According to this New York Times article, before NPR had a chance to say “April Fools!”, parents were already getting a DNA analysis for their preschool application; some parents went so far as to get the analysis while their child was in the womb! This story definitely tells the reader what kinds of lengths new parents will go to in order to ensure that their children start their education career at an elite preschool. If new parents even think about sending their child to a good preschool then they had better be prepared because the competition is going to be extremely fierce. It sounds like they would need to start looking into preschool before the child is even born! This is good news for elite private preschools as they'll be able to hike up their prices because of the competition, but bad news for the parents who can not afford the rising prices. It seems that competitive preschools and wealthy parents are the winners of this situation. Just because a preschool is “elite” it doesn't mean that students would necessarily learn more than the more affordable schools. Thankfully, applicants won't need to submit a DNA analysis... at least not until DNA tests can predict academic achievement.
Posted in: Trends in EdNew Learning Times|By: Demetri Lales|1762 Reads