Apr 11 2012 - 10:09am
Start-up Spotlight: Iversity
iversity_logo The Details & Back-story Iversity is an online social platform that allows professors to organize courses, research groups, and conferences. The start-up was launched last year by a team of German engineers and educators who wanted to "build a new infrastructure for teaching and learning at the dawn of the digital age." Co-founder Jonas Liepmann conceived Iversity after working as a faculty assistant in Berlin. He secured his first round of seed funding from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the European Union. Unique point of Difference Iversity operates much like project management platform TeamBox, offering higher ed instructors a social, dashboard-style online space to host and organize resources related to course content and management. Iversity employs a slick, intuitive interface with the option to display course info by date, activity/comments, and resources. EdLab Relevance As the mSchool and our exploration of alternative online course platforms continues to evolve, it is important to also discover new ways to organize comments, resources and, in the case of teacher-led courses, time management. Could a resource like Iversity replace a discussion board? Our Takeaway Iversity is a breezy platform for sharing resources, managing content, timing, and questions related to an online or in-person higher ed course.
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