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Mar 21 2012 - 02:58 PM
Trends in Ed: Failing Schools Can Threaten Our National Security!
The New York Times recently ran an article with a very ominous warning regarding the nation's security and the economy. According to a panel led by former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, and former chancellor of the New York City's school system, Joel Klein, if America does not reform education, our country's security and economy will collapse! Does this warning seem too dramatic, or not dramatic enough? This may seem like a no-brainer to those who know all too well that our school system is still designed for the industrial age and that the system needs to “adapt or die”, but do we need this stern warning from the panel to convey this thought to the general public, to those who have no idea about the outdated school system in need of a good fixing? Well, first off, who is this panel that has Rice and Klein leading the charge? It's a 30 member committee organized by the Council on Foreign Relations, which is a New York based research and policy organization. The committee believes that today's school system is not preparing enough students to qualify for the military and this is what is threatening our national security. However, they suggested several solutions to this problem. The three main proposed solutions are the following: 1) Adopt the Common Core standards and expand them to include science, technology and foreign languages, 2) Give students more of a choice when selecting schools, especially for students in poor schools, and 3) Governors, along with the federal government, should develop and deploy a national security readiness audit for all schools. Do you think these solutions will actually help students become better qualified for the military and improve the school system? Is the general public going to take more notice of the issues regarding the school system now that we have this official warning about national security?
Posted in: Trends in EdNew Learning Times|By: Demetri Lales|1495 Reads