Mar 07 2012 - 02:36pm
Google Play's Rebranding Effort
Photobucket Google's announcement of their new media destination yesterday was met with a collective "huh?" and much indifference, possibly because it isn't actually new. The announcement accompanied the debut of a browser-based site, but the Android Market has run the new look for several months already. The concept is an iTunes-esque cross-platform media destination and a mass rebranding effort. Expect your Android Market to evolve into the oddly-named "Play Store" in the coming weeks though pretty much everything else will be the same. Google Play will also consume the traditionally problematic Google Books, which will become "Play Books" (everybody now!: "huh?") Though the polished-up incarnation of the Books platform excitingly undercuts Amazon on price. If they break the circle, Google Play may have news yet!
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