Mar 05 2012 - 12:15pm
US Debt Infographic
One of the ideas that came out of the Development & Research meeting on UFR professional development videos and promotion was the EdLab creating digital and print infographics to highlight some aspect of the curriculum. I found this infographic on the percentage of the US national debt on our country's overall GDP through past presidential administrations. It interestingly starts with the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) through to the current Obama administration. Many of the social programs Americans enjoy today, e.g. social security (for how long we will enjoy this is open to debate), were created during FDR's administration as part of his New Deal to reinvigorate America's ailing economy following the Great Depression. The infographic also highlights the party in control of both the presidency and Congress during this time period (1940-2012). The idea there is to show periods of economic stability and recessions are not specific to one party or fiscal policy. What are some ways in which we can use infographics such as this to promote the curriculum?
By: George Nantwi|4787 Reads