Feb 23 2012 - 11:30am
Trends in Ed: Will Diversity be Harder for Colleges to Maintain?
The New York Times, along with other media outlets, reports that the Supreme Court is returning to the issue of affirmative action in higher education, which might result in preventing or restricting colleges and universities from considering race and ethnicity in the college admission process. Of course, this would be a huge disappointment to colleges and universities who use the race and ethnicity information to try to increase the diversity of their campuses; although, these higher ed institutions have expressed that they use this information only in certain circumstances during the admission process. Colleges and universities maintain that they only admit students who can contribute academic work to their institutions. This debate will definitely cause a huge uproar and unrest in the higher education community; there are many critics of affirmative action as well as many people who support it. Whose side are you on? Should the race or ethnicity section of the college application remain?
Posted in: Trends in Ed|By: Demetri Lales|567 Reads