Feb 17 2012 - 12:05pm
EdLab Review: Clik
Photobucket Elegant and magical, Clik lets you control any browser with your phone by simply scanning a QR code on their website. As of today, only the proof of concept YouTube app is functional, but the Clik platform is open for development and cooler things are most certainly on the way. Pros: It's foolproof. Available for Android and iPhone, it's as simple as downloading an app and going to a website. Multiple users can share the same QR code, a feature which is sure to revolutionize group YouTubing. The most exciting part of the app is its potential to streamline group presentations and make all the squitchy clickers and cables obsolete. The app will most certainly soon expand to Google Docs– how nice would it be to know you could have your presentation at hand as long as you have an Internet connection? Cons: The YouTube app doesn't link up to your YouTube account, so users will have to re-find and favorite their videos. The app is simple, but what it does have works very well and all volume controls, play/pause, and other features are instant. EdLab Relevance: While the YouTube app has limited educational application, the concept and platform could potentially change everything about speaking to groups. Our Takeaway: You can YouTube from your couch with minimal setup. It's officially the future.
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