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Aug 10 2006 - 01:11 PM
City Journal denounces TC
Maureen G. alerted me to this article in the City Journal- some pretty harsh criticism of TC and education school curriculum. Here are is one snippit describing a TC Grad:
In record time Ayers acquired an Ed.D. with a dissertation titled “The Discerning ‘I': Accounts of Teacher Self-Construction Through the Use of Co-Biography, Metaphor, and Image.â€? There wasn't much biography, metaphor, or image in the 180-page text. Ayers's research consisted solely of a few days spent interviewing and observing the classroom practices of three nursery school teachers he knew personally. (In Ayers's own autobiographical section of the text–de rigueur for Teachers College dissertations–he reminisced about growing up in a wealthy Chicago suburb, about his warm family, and about having been arrested in campus antiwar demonstrations.
Or this one:
the radical education theorists [Maxine Greene and Ayers], like most ideologues, cannot see what is right in front of their eyes–that America and democratic capitalism are actually doing very well, thank you, but that the children of the minority poor are getting a lousy education because of the education establishment, and that teaching for social justice provides no solutions.
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