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Aug 10 2006 - 11:52 AM
Multiple Intelligences

We can kill two birds with one stone here:

  1. Here is some teacher humor a friend just emailed me - enjoy!
  2. Note that the images are stored in PK but displayed on the blog! This type of effect can be done by referencing the download link in PK. But how?!.

To make this easier, lets use the example of images. Including an image in HTML is simple, just include the following tag <img src="IMAGE LOCATION" />, where the image location is a relative or full url (eg.; the quotes must be present. So now, just enter the src (source) value as the download url from PK and the fun begins!

EXCEPT, be wary of user permissions. If the file is restricted (say to only university members or my community) then the file download link resolves to a login page. So when a user views a page containing your newly written IMG tag, their browser will get HTML (the login page) as the image source instead of good image data. This will likely confuse the browser and result in an ugly "broken image" display. So only content available to the whole world should be referenced this way. If you wish to link/share content that has permission restrictions, use an "anchor" tag: <a href="LOCATION">link text</a>.

Now you're ready to share your intellectual property with the world - even displaying content on your own site while hosting the files on PK!! And, of course, without further ado we get to the funny:

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