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Jan 24 2012 - 04:41pm
An Innovative Swedish School and Its Philosophy
This is Sweden's Vittra School. Unbelievable, right? Learn more about the design and architecture here. They also started an initiative in August 2010 called "one-to-one" (one computer per one student) for students from grades four and up. The purpose of this initiative is primarily to maximize the quality of the time spent in school: "To have more effective time for learning and teaching opportunities and to clarify the students' development through increased transparency and interaction between students, parents and the outside world." Sounds a lot like Education 3.0. They heavily base their pedagogical philosophy on EU's eight key competences for lifelong learning listed below: 1. Communication in the mother tongue 2. Communication in foreign languages 3. Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology 4. Digital competence 5. Learning to learn 6. Social and civic competences 7. Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship 8. Cultural awareness and Expression Is this school too good to be true? The tuition must cost a fortune, right? However, there is no tuition for Vittra. As long as the child has a personal number and one of the parents is a registered Swedish tax payer then it is free and funded by the state. How many of the competences listed above are American students being taught? Food for thought.
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