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Jan 04 2012 - 01:15 PM
SOPA UPDATE: Google, Twitter and Facebook Consider Blackout in Protest
Gossip column meets SOPA. According to this article, the heavy hitters of the internet are considering a nuclear blackout of their services to protest SOPA. Per Markham Erickson of NetCoalition states “this type of thing doesn't happen because companies typically don't want to put their users in that position. The difference is that these bills so fundamentally change the way the Internet works. People need to understand the effect this special-interest legislation will have on those who use the Internet.” On one hand, this would really blow a hole in my day, and I think it will backfire unless they make it extremely clear why they are doing it. That said this would be an amazingly powerful move and if they WERE to explain why the action was taken, it could also be motivating for the general population as well.
|By: Julia Martin|1695 Reads