Dec 16 2011 - 05:57pm
EdLab Review: Projeqt
Photobucket Projeqt is a non-linear presentation and storytelling website. Like Prezi, it aims to address the post-powerpoint world with greater freedom, style, and portability. Projeqt draws more heavily from the slide model, but allows users to create tangents and alternate paths in their presentations. Pros: Projeqt allows users to create professional-looking, branded, shareable, and embeddful presentations without much fuss. It's easy to get signed up and immersed in the project and the networking opportunities are robust. I can see this being useful for portfolios and conference presentations because it's extremely easy to connect to social networks and external sites. Cons: Though it's quite a bit prettier, Projeqt is a bit like a locked down Powerpoint 2.0. The best thing about Powerpoint is that it allows an unprecedented level of freedom among Office products. Projeqt is in a bigger pond, but it doesn't evoke the same feelings of control. In fact, there are very few layout options. While it's true that the finished product looks a lot better than my liberated Powerpoint efforts, it's a bit stuffy for my tastes. Photobucket Prezi really reinvented the presentation wheel and Projeqt, in comparison, is more like a remix. The interface is a bit non-intuitive too. Users have to “turn on” each of the slides they make by hand to save them in the presentation. I think an opt-out model makes a bit more sense in this context. Their tagging and titling options make it easy to use and reuse slides, but they're pretty time-consuming for the emerging Projeqtor and create a barrier to entry. EdLab Relevance: Projeqt makes a lot of sense for an educator coming from a Powerpoint background. The slides created here won't be interesting, but they will be neat, professional, re-usable, and find-able. Full text searching and the ability to go “off book” on a common tangent in a lecture might mean that Projeqt finds a willing audience among educators despite its limitations. Our Takeaway: As an update, Projeqt is a winner.
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