Dec 16 2011 - 11:53am
Peter Thiel Funds Visa-free Floating Startup Incubator
BlueseedBoat If Peter Thiel has his way (& it seems he often does) unprofitable startups may soon be asked to "walk the plank." According to this piece Thiel and his partners at Blueseed will literally & figuratively float their own startup boat 12 miles off the coast of California. The goal of the endeavor (can't stop thinking of bad nautical puns!) would be to avoid US visa restrictions which the group views as outdated and harmful to US innovation. Max Marty, one of Blueseed's founders had the following to say to Blueseed is a way to connect Silicon Valley with the amazing founders and entrepreneurs out around the world ... Existing visa policies were designed for a different era. The nature of business has changed, and what's lacking now is an avenue for people to be able to come in and create great companies. This sounds like a great concept in theory, but I wonder how the real-world applications and implications will pan-out? If we are nurturing more entrepreneurs who are from outside the US what will ultimately be the effect on American startup culture? Will these entrepreneurs then become US citizens or will they become "tech birthers" who create US companies and then return to their native soil leaving the co., a US entity behind? What would the cultural, financial benefits of harvesting innovation from other countries How can we take concepts from Blueseed's boat and apply them in the higher ed sector? How could we both figuratively and literally partner more with Edupreneurs from around the world? If so, how? Startup train? There is already a bus...
By: Kate Meersschaert|2057 Reads