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Dec 10 2011 - 03:41pm
Trends in Ed: If You Were Already Annoyed With Web 2.0...
I wasn't sure if this was real or not...but apparently it is and now social networking is a fashion statement. Browse the magnetu site before reading further. I don't want to be too harsh on the creators of the product but I must admit...I am repulsed. There are many great trends in education nowadays but this seems like a particularly wasteful trend. The idea that 'social networking' of this nature will actually improve the quality and quantity of in-person interactions is too far-fetched at this time. I will wait until further advances in artificial intelligence come to fruition before I bring my virtual self into the real world. I'm not trying to pick on magnetU in particular here but many who value social networking fundamentally mistake the function Facebook serves. Facebook is fun and is what consumers want. Facebook DOES NOT, on the whole, make consumers or firms more productive. It might in the future, given all of the information it can work with and the complex nature of networks, but it does not at the moment. As it is, Facebook does not make great product recommendations or help me make new friends or valuable connections through its friend suggestions. Buying a $24 magnet to meet more people I have something in common with might make sense if it truly worked and I lived a very sheltered life (well I guess we are headed in that dystopian direction), but products like these strike me as being at the height of Web 2.0 arrogance.
Posted in: Trends in Ed|By: Skanda Amarnath|996 Reads