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Dec 08 2011 - 09:35am
It's Really Cool When Really Smart People Are Thinking Like You
For those who missed my blog post where I gave a teaser to my project proposal which seeks to create an online credential system that allows learners to better leverage the vast amounts of free educational content online. Salman Khan (of Khan Academy fame) is now advocating for almost precisely the same thing that I'm proposing, along with Fred. It's both awesome to know that I'm probably on the right track and yet it makes me anxious to get this idea going forward before it possibly gets corrupted by another party. A competency-based credentialing system is exactly what is needed for communications technologies to truly disrupt the educational landscape; otherwise the traditional institutions will always have the keys to the castle. For further analysis, see Reihan Salam's post here. I will be presenting on this at next week's EdLab Development & Research meeting. For those interested in my project proposal, you can now find it here.
|By: Skanda Amarnath|1341 Reads