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Jul 05 2006 - 05:48 PM
The Best Darn Ringtone Website
I decided to post some info about the usage of the EdLab site. Here are some fun facts:
  1. Over the last day or two, most of our outside traffic came from users on search engines. Makes sense, right? You go on Google, search "future of education" and viola! But what were these users searching for? That cool ringtone that adults can't hear (see it in Hui Soo's blog). After this? Queries about "PHD Comics" (Ian?!) and then a few regarding "Online Learning." (Also a search or two for "Anna Beard!")
  2. Of the over fifty hits refered to us from search engines, only 3 were not from Google. 1 was from MSN and 2 were from This is always a good reminder for those of us trying to be web spider compliant. Just thinking Google, Yahoo and MSN may be a mistake.
  3. There are a number of "access denied" messages. A number of these come from the same IP and refer to pages which don't exist. This may be a spider or url-hacker playing with our system. However, many of the messages refer to blog entries listed as private. However, these pages should never be visible in *any* way, raising the question of how users found these pages in the first place. I have determined that it is not the RSS feeder, which was my first hunch. Nabeel, any ideas?
  4. The most popular user? Your's truly! (Although probably just because I was doing error checking.)
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