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Aug 04 2011 - 12:40pm
Facebook Acquires Push Pop Press
Tim Carmody wrote recently in Wired about his disappointment that the e-publishing startup Push Pop Press, makers of software for writers and publishers to turn their books into interactive e-books for the iPad, was recently acquired by Facebook. Facebook has no plans to get into the publishing business--they just wanted the technology that Push Pop developed to produce a better Facebook for the iOS platform. Push Pop published merely a single book (by Al Gore on the environment) before its acquisition, and Carmody expresses discouragement that a small, innovative, independent digital publisher is now gone from the book publishing scene. Big media companies see little reason to invest in creating e-books, perhaps because they don't realize how the innovations startups like Push Pop are bringing to the field are important to publishing, and want the technology to be put towards something else (perhaps something that's on record as profitable). The tech and talent to “re-imagine the book” and make great multimedia e-books exist, but nobody wants to put them to use. Digital publishing development stagnates.
Posted in: Publishing|By: Amanda Pickering|5147 Reads