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Jul 15 2011 - 02:11pm
Soaring Tuition Fees
While most Americans are trying to cope with the worse economic crisis in recent times, the constant rise in tuition costs is becoming a serious problem for families nationwide. The growing cost of healthcare has been one the main discussion points in Washington and in the media but tuition costs has long surpassed that and has been growing faster than anything else in the economy.

One main reason for the rising cost of college tuition is the governmental budget cuts. With less public funding, schools have no choice but to raise tuition to cover their costs. Colleges have also been spending more money than they have and the burden of filling that financial gap is being passed on to the students.

The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher, which explored the opinions of teachers, students and parents discovered that high school graduates are more worried about affording their college education than gaining admission or performing well in college. It has also been observed that many universities are losing their students due to debt rather than academic failure.

|By: Jamal Bagigah|5040 Reads